Welcome to my WORLD!

Hi my Name is Mary Dee Navarro, 26 from the Philippines.

Since the time I cannot remember anymore I have been wanting and planing to have my own Blog where I can post photos that I like or thoughts that I wanted to share. Perfect timing I guess is missing then, but finally after so long here I am typing this words, composing this sentences for you to read and I am very happy that I was able to do this and continue doing this as long as God will allow me to do so. Welcome to my world compose of photos and writings compiled in a Blog.


What to expect:

  • I’ll be blogging more about travel which includes itinerary, budget and reviews as well.

  • LIFESTYLE blogs will also be expected here on my blog.

  • You will be seeing more on what PHILIPPINES has. Beautiful places, culture, food and people.


To you who is reading right now, THANK YOU and continue reading and hope I gave justice for the time you spent on reading.  See you on my next BLOG (Adventure).

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